ArcaMax Publishing picks up five new comics

ArcaMax Publishing news and entertainment provider by email, has added five new comic strips to its Funnies page: Dilbert, Luann, Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine and 9 Chickweed Lane. Each strip is available for free with an email subscription and featured in the Funnies section at

The five strips are syndicated and distributed by United Feature Syndicate. They join the ArcaMax Funnies lineup with 30 other favorites that include Garfield, Doonesbury, Family Circus and Wizard of Id.

2 thoughts on “ArcaMax Publishing picks up five new comics

  1. I would really enjoy getting a couple of these cartoons del. to my E-Mail address. For some reason U won’t send them. Ive asked so often & I find it very annoying that I get Nada! WHY?

  2. Please discontinue my Pickles comic each day, But keep Doonesbury.

    Thanks for your help.

    Linda K. Smith

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