Cathy Guisewhite talks about her upcoming retirement

Michael Cavna catches up with Cathy creator Cathy Guisewhite to talk about why she’s retiring and how the syndicate took the news.

MC: So when did you seriously begin to contemplate retirement of the strip? Was this long in the works, or a fairly recent decision?

CG: I think it was really within the last year that I decided it. Any artist fantasizes about life without deadlines, but I had not seriously considered it. Then this year, I starting really looking literally [at ending it] and I felt the [strain of] deadlines more strongly. I had it in mind that it would be nice to do it through the 35th anniversary — which would be next year. But this year I have a graduating high-schooler and parents who are of an age that they are blessed to be in good health, so I really just wanted to spend time with them. And I want to torture my daughter with my constant hovering and love [this last year of high school] while I can. If I wait longer, I’ll never get this year back with my daughter and parents.

Then there’s the wanting to create something else without this deadline. And I’m right down Main Street for a midlife crisis where I am.

One thought on “Cathy Guisewhite talks about her upcoming retirement

  1. I love the real Cathy even more than I love the fictional one. I thought she was very genuine. Anyone over 59 knows time is running out , so you ask yourself ‘Would I rather have the stress of constant deadlines in my remaining years or retire to the loving bosom of my family? Okay cartooning isn’t coal mining, but I knocked myself out for 34 years. I certainly earned the right to retire and do what makes me happy. ‘ And Cathy is one of the lucky ones who can afford to retire. I say good for her.

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