Did a cartoonist top Slater’s ‘I quit’ exit?

The internet is abuzz about JetBlue attendant Steven Slater who allegedly (depending on the news source) got on the plane’s PA, yelled some obsentities, grabbed two beers on as he exited the taxied plane via it’s emergency inflatable slide. Some are calling it the best “take this job and shove it” exit in history.

The New York Daily News compares it with other reported “I quit” episodes – one of which includes a drunk cartoonist.

The best workplace drama I witnessed involved a newspaper cartoonist who’d quit to travel the world, giving his apartment, his car and his job to his friend.

A year later, he had second thoughts and showed up in the office one morning – drunk – demanding his job back. His boss refused, and the cartoonist promptly relieved himself on the floor, spelling out “F–k you.”

I’m curious to know which cartoonist this might be. It’s probably nit-picky to note that this isn’t technically a “I quit” story, more of a bad “hire me back” story.

9 thoughts on “Did a cartoonist top Slater’s ‘I quit’ exit?

  1. Actually, the New York Daily News didn’t see the cartoonist pissing in drunken retribution, it was Joanna Molloy, the author of the story who was the eye-witness to the piss-ness…

  2. So what is more potent:
    The piss or the Pisser?
    The stain on the carpet? Or giving ‘the finger’?

    If we are amused by the curses he pisses,
    Are we then indifferent to workplace abuses?


  3. Here are my self-appointed criteria for a great “take this job and shove it” moment:

    1) it should be done as the result of some terrible injustice being perpetrated by the boss or company

    2) it should not negatively affect those left behind at the workplace other than the management (or wronger doer)

    3) it should be dramatic

    4) it should uplift the down-trodden (positively affect the workers or non-guilty management).

    5) it should be somewhat selfless (in the spirit a call for true justice)

    People who are selfishly trying to outdo a boss or company that they feel wronged them (personally) by being a bigger a-hole should not get kudos. IMHO

  4. The dude stole some beers and exited the plane on the Super Happy Fun Slide! How is that not awesome? I’ve always wanted to use the SHFS to disembark a plane, but they usually only deploy it if there’s been an emergency.

    The pissing-on-the-floor guy just sounds drunk and embittered, but with a full bladder and an artist’s hand.

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