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Yogi Bear 3D movie hitting theaters in December

A Yogi Bear movie is slated to be released this December voiced by Justin Timberlake and Dan Aykroyd. Aykroyd voices Yogi and Timberlake voices Boo Boo.

Yogi Bear is based on the 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Here’s the trailer that’s been released.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 10:37 am

Does this movie look like the suck? Is the Pope Catholic?

I grudgingly have to give it up for Justin Timberlake’s Boo Boo, however.

#2 Howard Tayler
@ 10:52 am

This one fall into whatever category I filed the “Garfield” movies under. Yuck.

I like Anna Ferris and Dan Akroyd, but not enough to see this film.

#3 Jeff Pert
@ 11:13 am

I like the guy who plays the Ranger. I forget his name. He was in that TV show I liked. I’ve forgotten the name of that, too.

#4 David Reddick
@ 11:22 am

I love Yogi Bear. I love Hanna Barbera. I miss 2D animation where even Wilma’s dots-for-eyes had more expression and life than these weird, discombobulated “realistic cartoon eyes” do.
And this looks like the same, tripe CRAP that all these “fish-out-of-water” formulaic CG kiddy movies (Alvin and the Chipmunks – BARF) seem to follow. It will no doubt be riddled with fart jokes, belch jokes, some sort of “Yogi Rap,” all the characters dancing in a line-up at the end, Yogi and Boo-boo holding onto or trying to drive a taxi through New York City (oh, wait, that’s that other CG abomination to come, The Smurfs) etc.
And both characters look like people stuffed in really bad furry costumes.
Hollywood, quit f**** up our favorite childhood stuff.
Grade: F-

#5 Darryl Heine
@ 2:25 pm

Nice trailer! I bet it will be great even in 3-D!

#6 Garey Mckee
@ 2:43 pm

Yeah Justin Timberlake’s Boo Boo is pretty good. You know, I must admit, I liked the first Garfield movie. Maybe I’ll like this one. Please don’t hate me. Or hate me. Whatevs.

#7 Jimmy Delach
@ 5:26 pm

Ranger Smith is played by Tom Cavanaugh, formerly of the TV show “Ed”.

Looking forward to seeing that movie.

#8 Rob Tracy
@ 2:30 pm


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