Rhode: The comic stamp is older than you expect

ComicsDC blogger Mike Rhode writes about the recent release of comic-related stamps by the Post Office and how this isn’t a new trend. Check out his column in the Washington City Paper and take the quiz – when was the first instance of a comic on a U.S. stamp?

The U.S. Postal Service has just issued another set of comics-related stamps. Stamp collecting is an old hobby, and one that’s perhaps faded somewhat, but comics and stamps have a longer history than you’d expect. The ‘Sunday Funnies’ series includes Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Garfield, and Dennis the Menace. Archie’s best known for the comic books, of course, but Allen Holtz’s excellent reference program (and now a blog) Stripper’s Guide says it started appearing in Sunday newspapers in 1946.

So when did the first cartoonist or comic appear on a U.S. stamp?

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