Mahmood settles with Air Canada over no-fly list

Canadian cartoonist (and architect) Shahid Mahmood was barred from flying on Air Canada because his name was a no-fly list back in 2004. Mahmood sued the airline fearing that after 9/11 his cartoons mocking the US administration and teenage years lived in Pakistan was enough to get him profiled. According to The Toronto Star, Mahmood and Air Canada have settled the law suit.

From the Toronto Star:

“I feel in a way vindicated,” Mahmood said of the airline’s settlement. “But I also realized that I have my work cut out for me if this is something I really want to pursue to get real change in the system.”

Mahmood vows to continue with his checklist and press Ottawa and Washington for answers. Not an easy task since the U.S and Canadian governments won’t talk about their lists.

“No one will confirm or infer that you’re on a list because their argument is that to do so subverts their effectiveness,” said Chrolavicius.

What it means in practical terms for Mahmood is that he cannot attend work meetings south of the border, or travel to the U.S. for a vacation as he is worried he might be detained as a security risk.