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Jef Mallet – the iron man cartoonist

I knew and have even reported the various athletic events Frazz creator Jef Mallet has competed in. In fact, when I took up cycling last year and rode in my first 100 miler event, I thought of Jef. The Chicago Tribune has a pretty good article on Jef’s evangelism of triathlons.

When he’s in serious training, he uses the three-three-four approach, running three days a week, cycling three days and swimming four. On weekends, he rises early to do longer training sessions; on weekdays, he tries to get his comic strips finished early so he can run, bike or swim in the afternoon.

During the period when he was writing his book, he found his time management skills challenged as he continued to produce his strips and train for races. How did he cram it all in? “Really bad sleep habits for the most part,” he said. “I don’t recommend it.”

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 7:02 am

Chuck Norris wears Jef Mallett pajamas.

#2 John Auchter
@ 8:07 am

I’m not a triathlete, but sometimes when I feel the urge to dog it on the basketball court, I think of Jef and am inspired to find my second (or third, or fourth…) wind. Damn you, Mallett.

#3 Scott Metzger
@ 10:16 am

Wow, that?s awesome. Training for races (especially the Ironman) takes a lot of time and energy.

Several years ago I did a triathlon because it was as part of the ?weekend festivities? of a bachelor party. The groom-to-be was a triathlon nut. I suck at swimming but the swim was only 350 meters so I figured I could handle it. Halfway through the swim, I thought I was holding my own. And then a race official rowed up next to me in a canoe, leaned over and said, ?Are you okay??

I have a lot of respect for triathletes.

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