Comic page changes for the week

Only two reported comic page changes that I can see recently.

The Modesto Bee is test driving six new comics for the next month. Up to bat are Dustin, Bizarro, Oh Brother!, Fort Knox, Barney and Clyde and Home and Away.

The Times Leader (PA) has added two new strips (without dropping any) to their line-up. I do have to admire the tenacity of the editor to add new features despite reader push back to change. The chronology of the events happened like this: paper drops Pickles to add Lio, but readers complained, so then they returned Pickles, keep Lio, but dropped Stone Soup. More reader complaints. Reader poll conducted with no consensus on which strips were deemed droppable. Editor finally decides to pick up Cul de Sac and Tundra, but to save space, moves Doonesbury and Mallard Fillmore to the op-ed pages. So for those keeping score, The Times Leader picked up two new features that it didn’t have before. It’s unclear from the editor’s announcement whether Stone Soup remained a dropped or was picked back up.

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  1. Of note: The St. Petersburg Times began running “Barney & Clyde” for a four-week trial period.

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