Jerry Scott interviewed on Tall Tale Radio

Tom Racine has posted this week’s Tall Tale Radio podcast with special guest Jerry Scott. Jerry collaborates with Jim Borgman on the strip Zits and with Rick Kirkman on Baby Blues.

Tom writes:

Fresh off his National Cartoonist Society win for “Best Newspaper Strip 2010,” Jerry Scott of “Zits” (and “Baby Blues”) joins me to talk about his amazing career. I’m a huge fan of his work (like a bazillion other people on the planet), and had a blast talking to him. Like so many cartoonists out there, he’s open, honest, funny, and charming. We talk about his first work as a cartoonist with “Gumdrop” and his 11 years on the world famous “Nancy,” then through his creation of “Baby Blues” with Rick Kirkman and then “Zits” with Jim Borgman. We cover a lot of ground, so dive in and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Jerry Scott interviewed on Tall Tale Radio

  1. Kinda hard to dive in when you didn’t post a link to the interview or podcast!

  2. Go to and you’ll get the podcast and a lot of very good comics.

    Or just search Tall Tale Radio in itunes.

    Great show, by the way. Jerry Scott is one of my favorites and it was wonderful to listen to him.

  3. Thanks, as always, to the great Mr. Gardner for the shout out. Loved talking to Jerry Scott, who, like most of the cartoonists I’ve met, was down to earth, funny, and open about his work. Here’s a link:

    And you can hear his partner Rick Kirkman talk about “Baby Blues” and his work with Jerry here:

  4. many Thankx for the link guys…Jerry is one of my favorite people in the whole cartoon world.

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