Tony Murphy hits funding goal for coffee shop rag

It’s All About You creator Tony Murphy has hit his goal to raise $5,500 for a coffee shop comic newspaper. As of this writing, he has raised $5,555. Tony writes on the project’s blog:

A huge THANK YOU to all donors and everyone involved for e-mailing, posting, listserving, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, flogging, tagging, link-commenting, reminding, relative-begging, and repeat-donating!

Below is a link to the mock layout of Coffee Talk — after the obsessing about DONATING and FUNDS and NUMBERS, it’s nice to remember what this is all about: creativity, self-expression, comics!!

FINALLY — I can stop thinking and talking about money — and get started on the next step:


2 thoughts on “Tony Murphy hits funding goal for coffee shop rag

  1. Awesome!

    Way to go Tony!
    I wish I could afford to donate to the fund. It is a great concept and if you rotated the cartoonists, you’d give a huge number of aspiring cartoonists a shot at publication.

    I hope Starbucks, McD’s, and other corporations jump on your bandwagon and support this with advertising and circulation.

    Good Luck!

  2. Cool! i just found out about this today, and I am glad it reached its goal! Is it just going to be in New York? Or will it perhaps be distributed nation wide (or at least to Philly where I’m at)?

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