Dick Tracy tribute site launches

Today launched a tribute site to the classic Dick Tracy comic strip. From the press release:

Almost 80 years ago, a young cartoonist sent his latest idea to Captain Joseph Patterson, who selected all the comic strips for the Chicago Tribune and NY Daily News. Chester Gould had been submitting for some time, both realistic and funny animal comic strips. Then he received a telegram from Patterson: “Believe Plainclothes Tracy has possibilities.”

Did it ever.

Chester masterminded the adventures of a police detective named Dick Tracy for over 40 years, before turning over the reins to mystery writer Max Allen Collins and various artists. In the meantime, his “Plainclothes” cop became the hero of film, radio and television.

Monday June 21, various friends and fans of Chester’s “ultimate lawman” launch a limited time tribute site to Dick Tracy, featuring facts and fiction about the nation’s number one Crimestopper.

Among the many features:

An unpublished comic book story done for Disney Adventures. Written by Tracy scribe Max Allen Collins, and drawn by legendary comic pro Joe Staton. “Fireworks” tells the story of Dick Tracy and his adventures against a criminal gang led by one of his oldest foes. Color by Charles Gray and Ed Garcia.

Real life crimestopper Jim Doherty contributes a continued story pitting Tracy against a cunning serial killer. Murder Is My Hobby.

Film historian Bruce Dettman tells of the adventures of Dick Tracy on film.

Set in the skewed world of the 1960’s UPA Dick Tracy cartoons, Tracy Kazaleh relates the quest that unites the infamous rogue’s gallery in The Treasure of Captain Cannonsmoke.

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  1. Left out is that twice a week, a new “daily” adventure of the MAJOR CRIME SQUAD will feature Tracy and crew with the return of two long dead villians and the answer to whatever happened to the Space Coupe. Art by Joe Staton and script by Mike Curtis.

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