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Saying Goodbye to Lil’ Orphan Annie

NPR had two stories – one on their weekend edition and another during their Morning Edition program.

Jeff Stahler pays tribute in today’s Moderately Confused (see below).

Moderately Confused

Ted Slampyak, who drew the strip for the last six years, was quoted in the BBC.

“The appeal of Annie is simply that she doesn’t give up,” said Ted Slampyak, the strip’s artist for the last six years.

“She always ends up in one scrape after another. She doesn’t have a lot of resources but she has a lot of spirit, a lot of pluck. She’s got a lot of fight in her.”

Community Comments

#1 Woodrow Barlettani
@ 9:19 am

….time to step aside and quit blocking up the halls,with “has been”comics, as the times they are a chang’n, Annie had a good run,now step down and let New in.Later to “little orphans” and “Peanut” dogs …. give the reading public a break,as we could use one,where is the Bohemian in todays editors…cartoonists should be Renaissance people,not re-hash experts…Ta!Da!

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 10:26 am

I wonder what strip is taking over Annie’s place in the New York Daily News.

#3 Larry Levine
@ 11:35 am

Harold Gray passed away 42 years ago, so did this make “Annie” a legacy or zombie strip? Either way, it was time to pull the plug.

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