Jeff Darcy’s cartoon on Israel creates stir

The Plain Dealer’s Ted Diadiun offers readers reasons why a Jeff Darcy cartoon – whether you agree or disagree with the cartoon – is effective.

Recently, The Plain Dealer published four opinion pieces — two columns, an editorial and an editorial cartoon — about Israel’s confrontation with a ship trying to run its blockade of Gaza that ended with nine “Free Gaza” activists dead.

The two columns, by Deputy Editorial Page Editor Kevin O’Brien and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, were pro-Israel. The editorial criticized both the motives of the Free Gaza Movement and Israel’s blockade tactics. The cartoon, by The Plain Dealer’s Jeff Darcy, was strongly critical of Israel.

No prizes for guessing which one elicited the most reaction.

One thought on “Jeff Darcy’s cartoon on Israel creates stir

  1. The dove “of peace,” instead of an olive branch, should have iron bars, knives and the message “Death To Israel” in its beak.

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