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One more top ten list comics that should be movies

In the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of “which comic strips should be made into movies” lists due to the Marmaduke movie and we’ve discussed the topic here and here. Before I get accused of milking the question to death (I have) – may I point to you ONE more list from who went as far as to create movie posters with actors and plots such as this one for Family Circus, “A murder mystery about Billy, searching for the “Not Me” serial killer leading him through a maze in his old neighborhood.”

Community Comments

#1 Mark_Tatulli
@ 9:39 am

Link doesn’t work

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 9:49 am

Link Fixed.

#3 Josh McDonald
@ 10:47 am

Actually I think Nicholson and Bates would be better in “The Lockhorns” than “Andy Capp”.

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