Lowe wins local SPJ award for cartooning, blogging

The Sun Sentinel’s Chan Lowe was honored in two of this year’s Society of Professional Journalists’ South Florida chapter categories. Chan won first place in the editorial cartooning category and second place in the blogging category for affiliated blogs. Regarding his cartooning, the judges wrote, “Chan’s cartoons were like a seasoned prize fighter. They hit hard. And fast.” For his blogging they wrote, “A simple, well-executed idea, and the clever title doesn’t hurt either. The art of editorial cartooning hinges on the ability to distill complex issues into a humorous stance that’s easy to understand in a small square of artwork and a handful of words. Lowe clearly has this ability and it’s fascinating to read some of his thoughts and to get a glimpse into this process.”

In the editorial cartooning category, Dana Summers of the Orlando Sentinel and Ed Gamble of The Florida Times-Union took second and third respectively.