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1988 News story on the Reubens in Toronto

Interesting to see some familiar faces 22 years ago.

Community Comments

#1 Sandra Bell-Lundy
@ 7:36 am

I remember seeing a full page…might even have been two pages…of comic drawings in the Toronto Star from cartoonists who came to the Reubens that year. This was before I was syndicated and before I was an NCS member. Canadians love their cartoons…any time the Reubens wanna come back here, our arms are open. :)

#2 Graham Nolan
@ 11:17 am

“Not an important art form”? Please.

#3 Frank Mariani
@ 1:14 pm

I remember the late Tim Rosenthal telling me about the side trek they took to see American Color’s operations in Buffalo. That was when they staffed a lot of people and there was plenty of hand stripping and other manual functions to demo. I’m with ya, Sandra — Toronto is a great cartooning hub.

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