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Cartoonist buys bill boards to mock PM who is suing him

Earlier in the month, Daryl Cagle posted news that Slovakian cartoonist Martin “Shooty” Sutovec was being sued by Prime Minister Robert Fico for the sum of EUR33,000 (US$43,000) and an apology after a Shooty political cartoon was published that depicted the PM without a backbone.

According to, Shooty has raised $85,000 from thousands of contributers to buy up 200 billboards throughtout the country that will feature caricatures and cartoons of the Prime Minister and other Slovak politicians. Additionally 200,000 stickers and 100,000 postcards will be printed with the cartoons as well. All of this will be done within two weeks of the national elections.

Community Comments

#1 Steve Skelton
@ 11:16 am

This is my favorite news story of the year!

#2 Beth Cravens
@ 11:39 am

That is awesome! I wish I could see these in person. Fabulous.

#3 Ted Dawson
@ 4:04 pm

LOL I love the converted SMER party logo… from a flower to a steaming pile of manure.

#4 Kevin Jackson
@ 9:18 pm

Love it! I live in Canada and here we don’t sue…
Our politicians would just give him the frowning of a lifetime!

#5 Gar Molloy
@ 5:01 am

let’s all give him ten bucks!

#6 Rob Tracy
@ 12:19 pm

This really is great. Just wonderful.

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