Nina Paley to exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum will host “Before Sita Sang The Blues: Spotlight on Nina Paley.” This is the first comprehensive exhibition of Nina, creator of the animated feature Sita Sings The Blues. This retrospective will feature a selection of Paley’s syndicated comic strips, illustrations, and a series of prints, paintings and behind-the-scenes materials from Sita.

The exhibit runs July 3 through Oct 24 with a special Sita Sings The Blues screening on July 20.

2 thoughts on “Nina Paley to exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum

  1. Love her work, especially her older work from when I first learned of her when she lived in Santa Cruz.

  2. What a treat. I’ve been a fan of hers since around 1990 and what she’s doing now is above and beyond the call of cartoon duty. But her old work is excellent and was, after all, the reason she caught my eye, so I’ll always love it. It’s honest, it ‘says something’ and it’s well-drawn to boot.

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