Rob Cabrera reviews iPad drawing apps

Rob Cabrera, creator of the formerly syndicated comic Silo Roberts, has posted his review of the major drawing apps available for the iPad.

Since the iPad’s debut in April 2010, I’ve been searching all over the Internet for reviews on drawing apps for the device, only to be disappointed by a majority of the reviews. A lot of them don’t really reveal in-depth things artists would really like to know about the apps, and none of the reviews seemed to have a side-by-side comparison as to which app does what best. Hence, the purpose of this post.

Having bought an iPad as a lightweight digital sketchbook for work (at least that’s how I justified the purchase), I’ve put the device and assorted apps I think would be most helpful to artists through the paces. Here are the results:

He reviews:
Sketchbook Pro ($7.99)
Art Studio ($2.99)
Brushes ($7.99)
LiveSketch HD ($0.99)
Paintbook ($2.99)
Layers-Pro Edition ($5.99)
Adobe Ideas (FREE)