Capt. America gets community service for groping woman

A 55 year-old doctor named Raymond Adamcik was arrested for allegedly groping a woman while dressed up in a Captain America costume. The story gets richer than that if you can believe it:

Adamcik approached a woman while holding a burrito and began to talk dirty. He then reached his hand between her legs and squeezed. The woman’s boyfriend confronted him, but Adamcik punched him to the floor.

According to police reports posted at the Smoking Gun, because there were so many Captain America costumes at the bar, all Captain Americas were asked to step outside. Once Adamcik was identified he asked to use the bathroom, during which time he tried to flush some marijuana down the urinal.

Apparently that gets you community service with court ordered drug and alcohol classes and random testing in Florida.

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  1. Before I read the link, I’m assuming this happened at Universal Studios where you will find such a costumed person sweating in the sun…

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