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Rogers’ How a Cartoonist’s Brain Works in SF

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Rob Rogers will present his “How a Cartoonist’s Brain Works” at The Cartoon Art Museum this Thursday, June 24. The presentation is described as an “interactive combination of live drawing and a cartoon slide presentation takes the audience behind the curtain of his creative process.”

From the ol’ press release:

Rogers’s material will also come from his new book, No Cartoon Left Behind: The Best of Rob Rogers, which features cartoons documenting five presidencies, the end of the cold war, 9/11, and 25 years of health care, as well as economic and political scandals of every shape and size.

Rob Rogers is a dynamic and insightful speaker who not only leaves audiences laughing, but leaves them thinking.

Community Comments

#1 dan reynolds
@ 11:41 am

Maybe a better title would be…
Rogers? How a (POLITICAL) Cartoonist?s Brain Works in SF

Though there are many similar processes, political cartoonists, in some respects, are provided with new material idea all the time compliments of politicians.

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