New daily Wallace & Gromit comic strip to launch

Wallace & Gromit fans can rejoice – but only if they’re in the UK. Marketing Week reports that Titan Comics and Aardman Animations have agreed to create a daily comic strip of the animated feature. The comic launches on Monday in The Sun.

7 thoughts on “New daily Wallace & Gromit comic strip to launch

  1. That’s great news! At least for the UK.

    Presumably it’ll be adventure stories — we need more adventure story comic strips in the newspapers. Or anywhere.

    Now that the series I was drawing, Annie, has been canceled, I’ve been thinking how great it would be to do a daily Doctor Who newspaper strip. Maybe in England. I have to find the people who put this deal together.

    Ted Slampyak

  2. Ted: I’ll second a “Doctor Who” daily strip. My gut reaction would be to contact Piers Wenger at BBC Cymru and Sharon Baylay at BBC Worldwide to sound them out.

  3. This is wonderful news!

    Although I don’t live in the UK, so hopefully it will end up online in some form….

    Of course, now my comic strip about a wacky inventor and his pet will pale in comparison to the great Wallace and Gromit….. oh well.

  4. When the Wallace and Gromit comic strip will make its US debut (maybe by 2011?) is pending how well it does in the UK. I know Fred Basset and Andy Capp started in the UK and later went worldwide including the USA.

  5. I don’t think this is such a hot idea. Wallace & Gromit work well because they are animated. The humor and subtleties I think will be lost in transition to daily strips.
    It’s like reading the screen play but not watching the movie.

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