Mark Fiore will resubmit rejected app to App Store

Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore has told ComputerWorld that he has resubmitted his rejected iPhone app to Apple for reconsideration. Mark’s app was rejected last December. Since winning the Pulitzer last week and the rejection hit the blogosphere, Apple invited him to resubmit. According to ComputerWorld, a customer wrote to Steve Jobs himself pleading the case for Mark’s app and received a personal response from the CEO stating that, “This was a mistake that’s being fixed.”

3 thoughts on “Mark Fiore will resubmit rejected app to App Store

  1. That’s the exact right question, Bearman. When Fiore and I discussed his iPhone-app rejection a week ago Monday (yes, even before the Nieman Lab folks did), we talked about Tom Richmond’s initially rejected app and Cagle’s once-rejected app. In other words, it was all about the LARGER issue: When will Apple (re: Steve Jobs) deal with the bigger policy issue re political satire?

    I spoke with Fiore again on Friday (after his resubmission), btw, and he sounds both apologetic of the “preferential treatment” and glad that this might force the issue.

  2. Michael –

    I wrote to Mark Fiore but I suspect my email to his generic inbox probably got lost amidst the flurry of Pulitzer congratulations.

    What I wrote was, I think the best thing he can do right now to force the issue is to reject Apple. Trash his app, walk away, and tell people why he did it. The publicity that would generate would be huge.

    When anyone on any device goes to his website, the cartoon should just be there, no app needed. Beyond the censorship issue, this is also tied up in the Flash/Adobe issue and Apple’s attempt to maximize profit at the cost of crippling the web on their devices.

    Full disclosure – I publish an editorial webcomic in Flash, so this issue has a lot of impact on me.

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