Apple might allow Fiore cartoons in App Store

Mark Fiore is worthy of a Pulitzer, but last December Apple wouldn’t allow Mark’s iPhone app into the App Store because it “contains content that ridicules public figures.”

According to By Jennifer Valentino-DeVries’ blog on Wall Street Journal, Apple has asked Mark to resubmit his app.

But a representative from Apple called the cartoonist Thursday and suggested that he resubmit the app, Mr. Fiore said in an interview. “I feel kind of guilty,” he said. “I’m getting preferential treatment because I got the Pulitzer.”

Like most editorial cartoons, Mr. Fiore’s drawings use caricature to lampoon public figures and take on topics such as the deficit, war and gay politicians. The subjects of his cartoons – ranging from Republicans in Congress to President Obama and Wall Street – might not be too happy with their portrayal, but nothing on his site appears to be out of the ordinary for the editorial genre.

Reading the blog, it’s clear that Apple now wants the app in the store, but the email inviting Mark to resubmit included screenshots of “offensive” cartoons – including his infamous “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” cartoon. If I’m reading between the lines correctly, Apple wants the app in the store because of the bad press about it blocking a Pulitzer winning cartoonist, but it may hold its ground on the content – in essence, censoring Mark’s work.

5 thoughts on “Apple might allow Fiore cartoons in App Store

  1. but last December Apple wouldn?t allow Mark?s iPhone app into the App Store because it ?contains content that ridicules public figures.?

    Well duhhhh. Isn’t that part and parcel of the political cartoonist and editorial genre?

    Screw Apple. Yeah that’s right, I said it.

  2. The best thing Mark Fiore could do right now, is reject Apple. They only relented because of the Pulitzer publicity. And, go to his website on an iPad. It’s a blank spot where his Flash cartoon should run. It should just be there, no app needed.

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