State of Union to end on May 1

Carl Moore, creator of State of the Union, has decided to end his strip on May 1. He tells me that he gave the strip five years to catch on, but in the end it was not generating the revenue to justify the time to create it.

5 thoughts on “State of Union to end on May 1

  1. Pity. It had a bit too much of a rightward slant for me to read it every day, but it had a wit that some political strips sadly lack. I will miss it.

  2. I remember seeing the strip in Stars and Stripes, which ran the strip in its opinion page (they eventually decided to ax it and replace it with “Prickly City”, which was already running in the regular comics page)

  3. I’m surprised that Carl Moore can’t find the time to continue it. He used the same pictures repeatedly. He did no research to check his claims. And it was often simply one panel. How much time did it take?

    It was a pretty bad strip. I visited his webpage at Gocomics daily to join in the forum, which was entertaining (and addictive). We seldom worked from the strip. We simply discussed (or ranted or shouted) about political matters. Most of Moore’s followers were among the most misinformed Americans who ever sat before a keyboard. It was a daily revelation of the difficult task of our educational system and the perniciousness of the right-wing media.

    Take care, Mr. Moore. Good luck with your day job.

  4. If you can’t find your voice in this polarized political environment, you probably never will. I think rather than end the strip, Carl should look to revitalize it with a new perspective and vigor to make it more successful. More poignant. More relevant.Take on a writing partner with differing views and give him a voice too. Maybe a more balanced approach will give the ‘toon wider appeal. Partner with someone who can help with concepts giving more time to devote to the artwork. Realistically, not everyone can do a comic for years by themselves and keep coming up with fresh ideas, but the political landscape is more fruitful these days than ever before. Why pull out now when you’re swinging in the sweet-spot of history between dueling ideologies? The next two years are going to be the most interesting in over 200 years. It’s such a natural title for political satire, it’s a shame to let it go way. :O)

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