“South Park” to Celebrate 200th Episode

Animated series South Park will air its 200th episode on Comedy Central in April 14. A website was recently set up for fans to congratulate its milestone.

“South Park” debuted in 1997. Currently the show is on its 14th season.

4 thoughts on ““South Park” to Celebrate 200th Episode

  1. To think, when the show started I wasn’ old enough to watch it (not that it stopped me). Now I’m more-or-less part of the target audience.

    “South Park” is one of those shows that got better as time went by. Maybe it can get preachy (especially with the ridiculously short turnaround time giving Trey and Matt the ability to talk about current events), but I still view it as one of the funniest shows on television.

    Here’s to 200 more.

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