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More comic page changes

The Press Republican (Plattsburgh, NY) is dropping Dick Tracy in favor of Tundra. The write to the readers, “We ask even die-hard fans of “Dick Tracy” to give “Tundra” a serious, objective look. We’re sure you’ll find it more arresting, in the long run.”

The good people over at United Media send me briefs occasionally on the pick-ups they get.

The Grand Junction (CO) Sentinel has added Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, and F Minus to the daily line-up. The paper reports that they didn’t cut any other comics to make room.

The Santa Cruz (CA) Sentinel has added Pearls, Fuzzy, Luann, Rose is Rose, Rudy Park to their Sunday paper.

Danville (PA) News added F Minus to their dailies.

Abilene (TX) Reporter News added Pearls to their dailies.

Sweetwater (TX) Reporter added Peanuts, Dilbert, and Rose is Rose to their Sunday paper.

Borger (TX) News-Herald added Rose is Rose on Sundays.

Yuma (AZ) Daily Sun added Get Fuzzy and Luann to their daily line-up.

Any others? Post them in the comments below.

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 1:04 pm

How refreshing to see so many added strips versus dropped strips under the heading “Comic Page Changes!”

#2 Henry Clausner
@ 1:18 pm

Guess there’s not enough room for both strips in the paper….

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