Brett Koth, Creators launch ‘Diamond Lil’

Brett Koth, who works with Jim Davis’ to help produce concept and gags for the Garfield strip, recently launched a new strip through Creators Syndicate entitled Diamond Lil.

As of March 1, “Diamond Lil” became Koth’s first nationally syndicated cartoon drawn under his name alone. He has served previous stints penning “Bugs Bunny” and “Mr. Potato Head,” along with his ongoing work on “Garfield.”

“I named her ‘Diamond Lil’ because she’s 75 and the hardest substance known to man,” Koth said of his new character. He claims that Lil is based on a number of old ladies he has known, including his own mother — although others say she resembles Koth himself.

“She’s Brett in drag,” joked Ann Telnaes, a longtime friend of Koth whose animated editorial cartoons appear on

Best of Luck, Brett.

2 thoughts on “Brett Koth, Creators launch ‘Diamond Lil’

  1. I wondered if there might be a connection to the Casey Ruggles character, Lilli Lafitte, who was once known as Diamond Lil. However, this character is a cross between Lola and Momma. I hope this doesn’t start a trend of comic strip characters that is really the cartoonist in drag.

  2. wow, i would have to say that is now my favorite of the geri-act-up strips by a long shot. lots of funny from the old lady without crossing over into annoying. nice characters and interaction between them. excellent art.

    diamond lil and dustin makes me think the tough market has shifted newspaper strip releases back to quality over quantity.

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