Open call for all your quick sketch videos

I received an email from one of our regulars pointing out that when I used the phrase “First it was Scott Stantis, now Richard Thompson has posted a quick draw” in yesterday’s post that Scott wasn’t really the first to post a quick sketch. I agree. Bad writing on my behalf. In fact, those videos have been around for some time and with the ease of YouTube and other services, they’re quite easy to make.

So… I’m calling for links to everyone’s quick sketches. I’ll post a catalog of them here on the blog. One requirement, please include a list of the materials (paper, pens, inks) that are featured in the video. Can be a video of a quick sketch (like Richard’s) or of a final work (like Scott’s).

Deadline: Friday. I’ll post them all early next week.

14 thoughts on “Open call for all your quick sketch videos

  1. Hi Alan, here’s one I posted back in August:

    “Inking a Comic with Mike Cope’s Hand” (Available in HD)

    Rough layout drawn on Strathmore Smooth Bristol using 2H pencil. Inked with Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink using Speedball Hunt 512 and 513EF nibs in Koh-I-Noor Penholder (No. 127N). Scanned and coloured using Adobe Photoshop.

  2. I love seeing these. I really like the extreme close-up in Mike’s. I might have to incorporate something like that. I love seeing the texture of the line. Here’s one I shot back in 2006 and posted on our web site in ’08. I should probably do a new one since I now work in a different process with different tools. Tool info is on the web page.

  3. I think it’s great you guys can ink a drawing and hold a video camera with the other hand. šŸ™‚

    How are you all shooting these videos and what program are you using to edit and save for YouTube or your site?

  4. I’ve always loved watching people draw (except myself). Patrick McDonnell called it magic. I think that’s a great description.

    Thanks guys!

  5. Love these. Could someone please include making a mistake and correcting it? I’d find that most interesting!!

  6. BTW, I believe I used Nero Vision to speed up the video, add music and save it in a YouTube-friendly format. Windows comes with Movie Maker which is clunky but can perform those basic functions. Macs come with iMovie. For Linux you can get kdenlive.

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