New Mediagazer site to cover media

The same folks (Gabe Rivera) responsible for Techmeme and Memeorandum have launched Mediagazer. The sites aggregate links to articles and present them in a headlines listing format. Techmeme specializes in technology, Memorandum in politics, and now Mediagazer specializes in media coverage.

The article making the introduction is here.

In addition to using an algorithm to aggregate the links, Mediagazer launched with its own human editor from the start – Megan McCarthy.

The current top story is about the newspaper industry.

2 thoughts on “New Mediagazer site to cover media

  1. It took me three tries to spell algorithm correctly!

    I didn’t follow through with that bit of information. The fact that they assigned a real person is both an indication of their intent to do it right, and more indication that editing the aggregation of online content is a real job. With so much content available, it’s a needed service to summarize and highlight the good stuff.

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