Fourth Seth MacFarlane show in the works

Details of what may be the forth Seth MacFarlane show was released by Alex Borstein recently.

-Alex will voice the show?s main character, who is female.
-The show will be developed by Alex and Gary Janetti, a television writer who helped in writing ?Stewie B. Goode?, which later became the first part of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
-It will have a similar style to Family Guy
-It will feature a family once more, and some pets

21 thoughts on “Fourth Seth MacFarlane show in the works

  1. For what its worth, Seth’s shows does give Fox massive numbers in ratings.

    That probably says more about the TV viewing public than the network executives themselves, tho…

  2. Never have gotten the show’s appeal… and make an effort to avoid the places where they keep those who do.

  3. Every time I watch “Family Guy” I’m amazed at how funny it is, and outrageous. Yet I rarely make the effort to seek it out. Somehow it’s a good show that doesn’t feel like must-see TV.

  4. “-It will have a similar style to Family Guy
    -It will feature a family once more, and some pets”

    Well, that just goes without saying, doesn’t it?

  5. Seth McFarlane might the smartest television writer when it comes to holding onto one idea and not letting go.

  6. Enough is enough. I just can’t take it anymore. I don’t have anything funny or witty to add I just want this crap to stop. I can’t even watch the Fox network anymore because it is nothing but macfarlane bs. Do you hear that Fox? MAKE. IT. STOP. We’re all over it.

  7. First there was the Beverly Hillbillies. That was funny and popular, so they added Petticoat Junction, which was less funny. And Green Acres which was totally surreal.

    Meanwhile, Gomer Pyle, USMC, was spun off from the Andy Griffin Show.

    And then they stopped and thought of something else, and the “rural humor craze” was over.

    Will dumbass limited animation crap have a similar fate, or will this shower of …. go on forever????

  8. @ Mike,
    I hope so. The barrel is getting full here. Family Guy type shows can only ‘push the envelope’ so far, then there’s no envelope. That’s why I’ve always thought ‘edgy’ humor was at it’s core shallow and lazy.

    That type of humor is like being addicted to a narcotic…it takes more and more in increasing amounts to get the same effect.

    What’s left for Family Guy? They’ve pretty much run the gauntlet of bad taste, blasphemy, personal attacks and political vitriol into the ground…all Macfarlane has left is cartoon porn at this point.

    I’ll concede there are just different types of humor and maybe mine just isn’t suited for such shows, but it seems that geniunely witty, well written humor is timeless. I still find the Marx Brothers, Johnny Carson and the old Carol Burnett show hilarious. Call me a geezer.

    I wonder in 30, 40 or even 70 years when people look back on the Family Guy stuff what they’ll say. Probably the same thing we say today about stuff that was supposed to be edgy and raunchy 20 or 30 years ago…”meh”.

  9. It does seem different, How many female main characters are there in animated tv these days, Marge, Lois, Peg or whatever her name was from king of the hill, there all mainly just supportive characters.

    Why is everyone so critical of family guy, american dad and the cleveland show, they all offer something different to the same genre

    Family guy to generation Y is what the Simpsons was like for generation X

    If the guy is going to have 4 animated shows running at the same time, good for him he is doing better than the f—ers that just criticise him in the comments section of these things. If you don’t like it don’t watch, and stop being all pretentious and looking down your nose at tv shows there meant to be entertaining and if you don’t find it entertaining don’t watch. get a life and stop watching shows just to point out there flaws.

  10. You know Micheal makes a very good point. There’s so many people out there that obviously have nothing better to do than try and point the wrong in everything. There’s people who clearly don’t seem to like Macfarlane’s contribution to the entertainment business…and then there’s those who do. I for one like Family Guy, I think it’s a hilarious show…and the fact that he’s making a fourth show is in my opinion very brave of him, since he probably had already thought about all the critizism he was going to get from all the dumb bastards that comment on blogs like this one, and is still going to pull it through. All in all, the people who write negatively about Macfarlane need to just GROW UP, ACT LIKE MATURE HUMAN BEINGS and just LEAVE MACFARLANE (the man who’s most likely a million times more successful and richer than you) THE HELL ALONE!!!

  11. I think Steven has a very good point in saying Good stuff about Seth MacFarlane and his shows, but anyone else who has something else to say about it should keep it to themselves

  12. Its funny how people care about other ppls opinions…after all…it is all OPINION. no need to get so worked up about it geeze….. en sh

  13. Family Guy went downhill because Seth Macfarlane has too many things going on (American Dad,Cleveland Show, and now this 4th show in addition to Family Guy). He should just focus on Family Guy. Right now instead he is making so much money and he’s just half-assing all these shows. Family Guy still has so much potential and the potential can still be there for a long time.

  14. McFarlane uses the same basic family unit as the basis for each of his shows, but the characters themselves are actually pretty different. Peter Griffin doesn’t have the repressed anger of Cleveland Brown, or the deeply-ingrained Republican sensibilities of Stan Smith. It’s almost like he’s writing them to be different…on purpose!

    The ‘Family Guy’ family is actually the least motivated and most poorly defined group of characters he’s got, but FG is more of a sketch show anyway. Personally I prefer American Dad. I like the characters better and I think the episode plots are more interesting and fully realised.

  15. Family Guy = the Simpson
    Peter = Homer
    Lois = Marge
    Chris = Bart
    Meg = Lisa
    Stewie = Mr.Burns/Smithers/Maggie
    Brian = Moe

    American Dad = Futurama
    Stan = Fry
    Fran = Leela
    Hayley = Amy
    Stan’s son = Hermes
    Roger = Bender/Zoidberg

    Cleveland Show = King of the hill
    Cleveland = Hank
    Cleveland jr = Bobby
    Teenage daughter = Luanne
    Rollo = Joseph

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