New Doonesbury retrospective book coming?

I’m not seeing anything on Amazon quite yet, nor the Slate store, but after watching this, I think something is coming down the line.

2 thoughts on “New Doonesbury retrospective book coming?

  1. It’s true! We are releasing “40”, the new Doonesbury retrospective, in October of this year. It will be a beautiful, hefty package that will delight all Doonesbury fans and bring in new ones!

  2. My freshman year of high school I was sitting in the school library and heard this kid across the room laughing out loud
    as he spent the next 20 min flipping through a book. I paid attention to where he put the book back on the shelf when he left and pulled it out. It was the Doonesbury Chronicels. And I’ve been LOL ever since. I’m sure some kid in some library will be doing the same with the new collection.

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