Mike Manley to take over for Eduardo Barreto (UPDATED)

King Features Syndicate has made an official decision regarding Eduardo Barreto’s status as the artist for the Judge Parker strip. Eduardo, who had taken a temporary leave from the strip citing a medical condition, gave final word to KFS editor Brendan Burford that he will not be returning to the strip. Brendan has selected Mike Manley to take over as the permanent artist.

Mike is a comic book artist who co-created the Marvel Comics character Darkhawk and has worked on such titles as Batman, Quasar, Captain America, Marvel Universe, and The Power of Shazam! Mike’s work will begin March 15.

Woody Wilson, the writer for the Judge Parker and Rex Morgan, MD serials, says that he’s seen the first two weeks of Mike’s dailies and his first Sunday and that he was very impressed with Mike’s work.

“Mike has the same passion for the work and the strip as Eduardo,” Woody said. He noted that he anticipates over time Mike will make the strip his own as he gets a feel for the characters. “Making the strip his own will be a short curve,” Woody said.

You can check out some of Mike’s work from his blog.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from Brendan who passed along the following:

Beginning March 15th, Mike Manley will become the new permanent artist of the JUDGE PARKER strip. Mike?s work has great verve and panache, and we?re confident that his stunning compositions and slick line will win over the JUDGE PARKER readers. During his career in comics and animation, Mike has worked on great titles like BATMAN and SUPERMAN, and we feel fortunate that he?ll be filling the role of JUDGE PARKER artist ? the readers are in for something special.

With Woody Wilson?s consistently compelling writing and Mike Manley?s attractive art, the strip will continue its known brand of excellence.

9 thoughts on “Mike Manley to take over for Eduardo Barreto (UPDATED)

  1. Looking forward to Mike’s version of Judge Parker.

    He definitely learned from one of the best realistic artists out there in Al Williamson.

    Plus he says at his blog he is fan of the classic continuity/adventure strips from artists like Stan Drake, Leonard Starr and John Prentice.

  2. Sad to hear Mr. Barreto has left the strip. I use to follow it daily because of his great art and composition. He will be missed. I wish him well.

  3. Eduardo Barreto’s art made Judge Parker pop off the comic page in this post- continuity strip era. It captured attention for itself in a way like few strips have in the last several years. We’ll miss your work, Mr. Barreto.

    That said, Mike Manley’s renderings of X-9 on his blog show there’s still promise ahead for Judge Parker.

  4. I can’t wait. Since John Heebink has totally screwed it up since taking temporary control of the comic.

  5. Mark,

    I would give Mike Manley a minute in the first few weeks. He is going from a cold start. One that he thought was temporary. I DO think it will be better than Heebink.

    However, as Manley wrote himself, bashing Heebink will not be brokered. Heebink was called in to “relief pitch” for Barreto. Not once, but twice in the 3+ years that Eduardo drew Judge Parker.

    The real question…if Barreto gets his health back fully…is could he regain Judge Parker in the future….OR…did he really just want off the deadline grind of Judge Parker….and told Brendan Burford…

    “I’m Out”

  6. I do not like the artist for Judge Parker, the old was so much softer and more natural looking. These people look rough and mean. Try out some more artists, please!!! It saddens me to even read the strip now! This can’t be your only choice.

  7. Charline…please follow along…the work you have been seeing is John Heebinks.

    Mike Manley starts tomorrow…3/15. Give it a few weeks then report back.

  8. Mike Manley,

    I am interested in getting a quote for 8 1/2″ by 11″ black and white (inked) picture for a script I created. Of course, there will be many pictures.

    Your work in Judge Parker is just right for my script to create a story board in connection to ancient Greece, modern days, and futurism – a fantasy script PG rating.

    Please create a quick response for I have lots of time during the summer.


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