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Disney’s Rapunzel now titled Tangled reports that Disney’s animated feature “Rapunzel” has been renamed “Tangled.”

From producer Roy Conli:

“Hey everyone, I’m Roy Conli, producer of Disney’s next animated film. I have some exciting news to share, and it was important to me that YOU guys – the Disney fans – hear it first. I want to tell you about Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 2010 release, Tangled. It’s a really fresh, smart take on the Rapunzel story. In our film, the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meets his match in the girl with the 70 feet of magical golden hair. We’re having a lot of fun pairing Flynn, who’s seen it all, with Rapunzel, who’s been locked away in a tower for 18 years. I’m so proud of the crew working on this film – they’re doing a fantastic job creating an awesome story with great characters and a stunning world – and it’s all going to look amazing in 3D. All of us here at the studio are incredibly excited for you to see Tangled when it comes out in theaters this November.”

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 8:41 pm

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film ever since listening to Glen Keane talk about his 2D/3D artistic vision during a now very old episode of The Animation Podcast …

Was sad to hear a while back that he was stepping down as Director due to health reasons. Hopefully they’ve maintained the spirit he intended.

#2 Jeff Polizzi
@ 12:02 am

I find that title, ?Tangled,? disrespectful to not only the Grimm Brother?s title, but to Walt Disney as well. Because that is not what Walt Disney would do when he adapts fairy tales into animated movies. Those people, who complain about story titles being too girlish, need to understand that those story titles being too girlish happens to be written by MEN before we are even born. Also, they need to understand that they do not write stories just for girls or boys, they write for families to enjoy, learn, and love. I even love the title logo that Disney created for ?Rapunzel,? and now they want to change it to ?Tangled?? That title does not make any sense, and it is misleading. If they ever do change the title from ?Rapunzel? to ?Tangled,? I would find Disney?s next CG movie a flop. But, if they leave the title, ?Rapunzel,? the way it is, and the title logo that Disney created, then I would have high confidence that Disney?s next CG movie could be a huge success. So I say to Disney, ?I demand that you change that dreadful title back to ?Rapunzel? at once, or else you will all become a disgrace to Walt Disney forever. And you will fall to DreamWorks Animation forever more.?

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