Ellen DeGeneres mentions Broom-Hilda on air

Broom-Hilda did a story-line on Ellen DeGeneres’ dancing during her daytime talk show. It caught Ellen’s attention.

DeGeneres held up a copy of a recent Sunday newspaper “Broom-Hilda” comic strip, from Dec. 20, featuring the green-not-so-meanie dancing up a storm, panel by panel, while her buzzard friend Gaylord looks on, questioning her behavior.

Broom-Hilda explains her dancing fit as a result of her “watching Ellen” because “Ellen dances a lot.”

She tells her feathered friend that she’s “practicing to be a good dancer so maybe she’ll be featured on her show,” to which Gaylord responds with “Dancing like that is more likely to get you featured on ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ “

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