Live video and tweet coverage of Apple Special Event

Below is an unofficial live video stream of the event. Below the video is liveTweet coverage via ArsTechnica Gizmodo. Tweets should auto update every 10 seconds below.

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4 thoughts on “Live video and tweet coverage of Apple Special Event

  1. Sooo…what are your thoughts on this? Personally, the fact that you can’t play Flash on this thing is a dealbreaker.

    Not that I would buy it anyway. I don’t own any Apple products (yes, not even iPod).

  2. I rarely notice lack of flash on my iPhone – flash is a horrible memory and CPU hog and regularly slows down my wifes PC and my iMac and Macbook Pro. If flash wasn’t terribly written software, I’d have a different opinion of it and would agree that it’s a bad, bad thing that it’s missing on the iPad and iPhone. However, it’s mostly advertising that I can’t see on my iPhone and that is a wonderful side-effect of a flashless browsing experience (an experience which would be slowed down significantly if flash was allowed).

    On the other hand, if you play a lot of flash games on the web, I can certainly see the dealbreaker aspect – no sense buying a web-browsing appliance that can’t display the websites you want and need. My opinion is that Flash will be implemented within 6 months to a year, probably with the default ability to only turn it on when you want it on so that Flash ads will continue to exist as toothless icons, silent and ineffectual.

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