NCSF launches Help the Hodges fund-raiser

The charitable, not-for-profit arm of the National Cartoonists Society will be launching an online auction through e-Bay to raise money for the family of Tim Hodge, whose son, Matthew was involved in a car accident that resulted in him in a coma. His insurance has refused to pay for long-term recovery. Tim Hodge is an former Disney and Veggie Tales artist.

The auctions begin tomorrow at 10 am PST. Another third of the collection will be listed on January 28, and the last third on February 4.

  • A drawing of “Charlie Brown” by Charles Schulz
  • A drawing of “Wallace & Gromit” by creator Nick Parks
  • An illustration by renowned movie poster illustrator Drew Struzan (“Indiana Jones,” “Back to the Future”)
  • Sketches by “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola
  • An original comic strip by “Zits” cartoonists Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott
  • A “Simpsons” poster signed by the voice cast and creator Matt Groening
  • A drawing by Pixar’s Golden Globe winning “Up” director Pete Docter
  • An original watercolored strip by “Mutts” cartoonist Patrick McDonnell
  • Spider-man art from creator Stan Lee
  • Animation art by Disney’s Glen Keane
  • A group drawing by 21 top cartoonists such as Sergio Aragonès, Peter de Sève, Jeff Keane, Don Bluth and William Stout.
  • Several pieces of classic Disney animation art going back to the days of black & white Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Check out to preview all items up for auction.

One thought on “NCSF launches Help the Hodges fund-raiser

  1. Those who do not wish to bid on an item but wish to contribute can make a donation for the Hodge family care of the NCSF .

    Rick Stromoski
    NCSF President

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