Penny Acrade Comics Is Hiring (They must be doing something right)

Penny Arcade, the succesful online webcomic portal, is looking for a full time associate designer and has posted a job listing on Linked In.  Penny Arcade embraces, and at the same time sticks it’s tongue out, at everything video game and sci fi/fantasy related, which has allowed it to garner a huge online following.  If you’re in the Seattle, Washington area and are looking for a good full time design gig in your field, Penny Arcade is obviously the place to look.

10 thoughts on “Penny Acrade Comics Is Hiring (They must be doing something right)

  1. Let’s not be suckered in by histrionics, here. We need to see their tax filings as proof.

    They’re clearly lying …both to the wider world, and to the well-paid employees they already have.

  2. “They must be doing something right”

    Absolutely. For example, they’re very wisely charging to run ads on their site instead of putting up classifieds for free and calling it a blog post.

  3. No, Ted. NO!

    Don’t take this bait. Saaaveee it. SAVE IT for the debate. lock it inside and save it for comicon. We’re not taking this bait.

    Walk away. I’m walking away. You walk away too.

    Walk awaaaayyyyy…..

  4. I’m… I’m actually pleasantly surprised by that, Scott.

    The Amish have a saying: “I will not take the thing from your hand.” Why DC is trolling its own site is beyond me.

  5. I honestly didn’t post this to fuel the on going exhausting labor of a debate that TDC is becoming infamous for. I posted it because i thought maybe, JUST MAYBE, somebody reading TDC might be a good fit for this opportunity.

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