DailyInk: Don’t use Internet Explorer 8

The fine folks at King Features have sent out an advisory to its Daily Ink subscribers telling them they should use Firefox and not Internet Explorer 8 to view their Dailyink.com account to to performance issues. The advisory states that the issues “are related to the browser, not the dailyink.com site itself.”

8 thoughts on “DailyInk: Don’t use Internet Explorer 8

  1. I like DailyINK. I am a long time subscriber. I have, however, been disappointed by a couple of things:

    (1) that they haven’t released more of King Features’ library of classics to the service. Their website still promises this, but they haven’t delivered.

    (2) Sunday classics are black and white, and the classic Phantom Sundays are smaller than the other Sundays.

    I appreciate DailyINK’s efforts to make sure customers have a good experience on their site by suggesting alternate browsers. I stopped using IE years ago because it was getting bloated and buggy, and because anyone else’s browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc…) was just simply better. However, I believe DailyINK is going to have to do more of what they can do on their side to improve the service in order to retain customers. With so many free sites on the Web for reading syndicated comics now (including King’s own Comics Kingdom on various newspaper) they must offer an increased selection of comics from King’s past, and give them premium treatment.

  2. “The advisory states that the issues â??are related to the browser, not the dailyink.com site itself.â?”

    Issues related to the browser are issues related to the site. That’s part and parcel of designing modern websites.

    I am no Internet Explorer apologist, and yes, Firefox is a superior browser, but if the site doesn’t work in the latest version of the world’s most-used browser, then the onus is on King to remedy the situation, not the users of the site.

    Abandoning support for IE6 is becoming increasingly common, and I’m all for it, but abandoning support for IE8, which isn’t even a year old, is foolish.

  3. I was a Daily Ink subscriber until I tried to renew—and nothing happened. I tried contacting Daily Ink (emailing and calling over the last month), KFS, and Reed Brennan, and no reply. My brother just figured out the problem (hence this posting) but I received no email telling me not to use IE*. Now I’m not even sure I want to re-subscribe (though I am jonesing for my strips) because of the lack of customer service.

  4. Armstrong is my local Internet supplier. When I click on my old Daily Ink link, it doesn’t take me to Daily Ink any longer. What’s wrong?

    Safari is my web browser.

    I’ve just recently renewed ? there are eleven months left on my subscription!

  5. I use Seamonkey as my broswer. I can not get past home page. never had this problem before.

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