The Simpsons airing 450th episode this Sunday

“The Simpsons” will air its 450th episode on this Sunday setting yet again another major milestone for the animated TV series. The episode is entitled “Once Upon a Time in Springfield.” After the show there will be an hourlong special celebrating the show’s history produced by “Super Size Me” filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

“I think I’ve just realized what an impact The Simpsons has had on everything,” Spurlock said. “It has become multi-generational now. It literally has transcended generations and is impacting a whole new group of people.”

7 thoughts on “The Simpsons airing 450th episode this Sunday

  1. I love The Simpsons. I think it’s the best TV show ever. I love Matt Groening. I love Life in Hell.


    I’m sorry, the 450th episode is not interesting or a major milestone. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary. That was a big deal. What’s next, a celebration of the show’s 475th episode?

  2. For real. They even had a 138th Episode Spectacular (which seems like eons ago) making fun of meaningless milestones like this.

    That hour long special sounds pretty interesting though.

  3. The last great episode of the Simpsons was the last ep of season 6, Who Shot Mr. Burns part 1, in 1995.

    Everything after that has been pretty crappy.

  4. I went over to Wikipedia for a moment to check when the first regular Simpsons episode (not the Christmas special) aired, and it turned out to be January 14th, 1990, which would make the exact 20th anniversary of that episode next Thursday. So they’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary about four days prematurely.

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