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Man shot during attempt to kill Westergaard

A Somali man was shot by Danish police after he had gained entrance into Kurt Westergaard’s home with a knife and an axe. He is accused of trying to kill the famous Mohammad cartoonist. Kurt was home at the time, along with a five-year-old granddaughter. Both were able to find safety in a panic room.

The accused is also being linked to a plot in Kenya to kill US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last August.

Community Comments

#1 Beth Cravens
@ 12:49 pm

Jeez man, glad he’s ok. There’s some scary people running around crazy out there.

#2 Shane Davis
@ 8:17 pm

…after he had gained entrance into Kurt Westergaardâ??s home with a knife and an axe.”

Yikes! Sad this possiblity is so likely that the need arose to have a panic room included in their home.

Denmark needs a Second Amendment…

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