The Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer posted

Gotta admit, the special effects look incredible. There’s even a flash of a scene that looks like things got out of hand with mops and buckets of water like in Mickey’s episode in Fantasia. The one thing that has me wondering if I’ll see it: Nicholas Cage.

6 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer posted

  1. I agree. I saw a commercial for “Avatar” and I wasn’t the least bit impressed. It was a truckload of visual noise, too realistic to look like a cartoon but not realistic enough fake to look real. It doesn’t look any more promising than “Phantom Menace”.

  2. I agree with Jim’s comment. Movies with digital realities composited with ‘real’ footage is not and probably never will be seamless enough to allow me to be completely engaged with a film. I’d rather watch something that is either computer animated or it’s not, one or the other. Having said that, I really dislike the ‘Beowulf’ look, where they do the entire film as a animated motion capture. As for this clip,I don’t think Nicholas Cage has enough gravitas for the part of a sorcerer.

  3. I did forget that “Avatar” is in 3D so that might add an element of fun to the visual noise, although I hear people are getting dizzy and nauseous watching it. Why pay ten bucks for that privilege when you can get that for free watching “The Real Housewives Of Detroit” on TV?

  4. ‘Avatar’ is supposedly going to do for 3D what ‘The Matrix’ did for DVDs at the time – mainstream it. And, the intent is to create a technology that can’t be reproduced at home, so a theater experience is the only way to go.

    I don’t doubt 3D might give some people motion sickness. ‘The Blair Witch’ did the same thing. There will always be some part of an audience that will have issues.

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