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Non Sequitur “Sign-Off” contest voting begins

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a new Non Sequitur “Sign-Off” contest (think caption contest). Wiley and Universal Uclick editors have whittled the thousands of entries to four and they’re ready for your vote.

The final entries are (in alphabetical order):
“Entrée: Vous” – M. Cameron, Austin American Statesman
“Homme Cooking” – K. Lew, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Today’s Special: Chopped Sir-loin” – W. Parham, The Washington Post
“Today’s Special! Manwich” – J. Dorazio, The Times Beaver Newspapers Inc. Pennsylvania

Voting is open through Friday. The winner is announced in the strip that will appear Dec. 21.

Community Comments

@ 3:10 pm

Looks like my entree didn’t (sob) make the finals. Now to see if the one that I vote for wins. What a fun contest it was.

#2 Richard Cross
@ 7:29 pm

I don’t think they actually saw our entries Bob. How else can you explain why they weren’t picked! :O)

@ 10:04 pm

Obviously !

#4 Keith McLeod
@ 10:04 am

Danae’s dad was a newspaper man so I would just end with:

You are probably aware of this but,
“-30-” is a traditional closing for a press release. It probably started during the Civil War when telegraphers tapped “XXX” at the end of a transmission. XXX is the Roman numeral for 30.

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