News briefs for December 7, 2009

Editor’s note: Some of the items below were set to publish on Dec. 2, but didn’t. They might be old news now, but for archive purposes, I’ve included them.


» USA Today reports that a fourth (and final) Shrek feature film is in the works for a May 21 release next year. The movie will be in 3-D.


» Nigel Dobbyn is featured in the Evening Gazette (England).

Comic strips

» The Great Falls Tribune reports that Scott Hilburn, creator of The Argyle Sweater has left his full-time job and is now working completely on his strip.

» The Peanuts 60th Anniversary events sprinkle through the news. The Oklahoman reports that three Oklahoma kids are finalists in the look alike contest.

» R.C. Harvey maintains that Brooke McEldowney’s 9 Chickweed Lane is one of the best comic strips in papers right now.

» R. Fiore refutes R.C. Harvey’s assertion about 9 Chickweed Lane and says, “No, Cul de Sac is the best strip today.”

» Tundra is picked up in the Great Falls Tribune (MT).

Editorial cartoons

» Ted Rall opines about the impact of younger generations on print media’s future.


» Tahawwur Hussain Rana, one of the two arrested in Chicago in October for plotting kill Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard denies any involvement with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year.


» Scott Nickel interviews Dan Reynolds, creator of Reynolds Wrapped.


» That Monkey Tune creator Michael A. Kandalaft is featured in the Connecticut Post.

» The Wall Street Journal blogs about Nina Paley’s efforts to make a living by giving away her Sita Sings the Blues art away for free. She reportedly took in $55k so far.

» The National Post writes about the success of Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics.