News briefs for December 4, 2009


» CNN has video of a “sneak peak” into the Pixar campus.

» Pixar’s UP has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards

Comic Strips

» A recent innocent, but ill timed Bizarro cartoon with the Grim Reaper upset several people in Oregon where a Death with Dignity Act is a raging social/legal issue. Dan Piraro reports that he has spent a couple of days writing apologies.

Editorial cartoonists

» KAL has put out a 2010 calendar. Lots of cartoonists have calendars, but what makes this announcement interesting is that you can now buy it over the phone by calling a 1-800 number.


» Chris Eliopoulos’ webcomic Misery Loves Sherman posted his 500th strip two days ago.

2 thoughts on “News briefs for December 4, 2009

  1. The Pixar tour was pretty fascinating. They should just do a full hour or so just showcasing Pixar studios and it’s history and it would all be just as fascinating. Pixar always seems to exceed my high expectations. And I’m jealous of the work environment they’ve created!

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