Hogan’s Alley posts Arnold Roth Christmas cards

Each year Hogan’s Alley posts Christmas cards from notable cartoonists. This year the focus is on Arnold Roth.

This year it’s our privilege to present a treasure trove of Christmas cards from the archives of the legendary Arnold Roth. Each of his cards is a masterpiece of design, composition and humor, and we talked to Roth about the process he uses to create them and what the holiday means to him. (Below his cards are some holiday-related oddities, so be sure to scroll all the way down.)

One thought on “Hogan’s Alley posts Arnold Roth Christmas cards

  1. I appreciate the detail he went into, it’s completely relatable.

    “â??Multiple small revenue streamsâ? is the new business model, and living more modestly is the new day-to-day operation.”

    I thought at that point, somebody had been reading my diary!

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