Gary Brookins taking break from editorial cartooning

Gary Brookins has taken a six month reprieve from doing editorial cartooning, according to an email posted on Daryl Cagle’s blog. Gary, who was laid off from the Richmond Times-Dispatch last spring, stepped away from editorial cartooning in June to concentrate on painting.

I have taken a “vacation” from drawing editorial cartoons, and do not anticipate doing any more at least through the end of this year … Since being laid off from the Richmond Times-Dispatch in April, I’ve taken a long break from editorial cartooning, and have been focusing on my painting. In October, I was in a joint show with Richmond painter and portrait artist Loryn Brazier at her studio/gallery In December, I will also participate at Brazier Studio in a “miniature” show, as well as a show at Rockett’s Landing, a new, upscale condominium development on the James River in Richmond.

Gary continues to work on the Shoe and Pluggers comic strips.

You can see his paintings on his fine arts blog.