Go vote for Tall Tales Radio for podcast award

I’ve mentioned this in a news brief, but to publicize it more, I’m giving it a full post. Tom Racine’s “Tall Tales Radio” podcast has been nominated for The People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the Cultural/Arts category. If you’ve listened to his program you know what a great job he does and the high quality of guests he has on, like this week’s Richard Thompson. Please head over to PodcastAward.com and vote for Tom. You can vote once every 24 hours.

Good luck Tom.

6 thoughts on “Go vote for Tall Tales Radio for podcast award

  1. I voted already but I forgot you can vote once a day. I’ll vote again.

    Tom does a great job. Heâ??s the Terry Gross of podcasting â?? except heâ??s a dude and heâ??s wittier.

  2. Wow! What support! Y’all rock. My rallying cry is “get more votes than the knitting podcast,” so with your help, we can make that dream come true! 🙂

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