News briefs for November 13, 2009

Comic Strips

» A reader of the Cape Cod Times wrote in a letter suggesting cartoonist Jim Borgman annd Jerry Scott should be “penalized for submitting such inappropriate and offensive material in the future by a substantial monetary withholding” after reading a recent Zits comic spoof of the “Love is…” comic that featured the Jeremy and Sara character in innocent nudity.


» The Ottawa Citizen is running a trial locally produced comic called Attica by Jeff Burney. His strip will run for the next six weeks while editors gauge reader feedback.


» ICv2 interviews Jeff Keane about the history of The Family Circus.


» I reported earlier in the week about Tom Richmond’s iPhone app that was rejected by Apple because the caricatures were mocking of public figures. Daryl Cagle also has an app in review with Apple and writes the difficulties of getting legitimate apps through the review process.


» MTV reviews some of the rumors surrounding which villain or villains will appear in the Spider-Man 4.

4 thoughts on “News briefs for November 13, 2009

  1. I always thought “Love is” was syrupy and sentimental, and I don’t care for strips like that, but the “objector” to this sendup surely has never seen the “Love Is” strip. If they had, they would have objected to the original more than the spoof. Some people are so sexually and socially retarded that they can’t grasp the concept of satire. Sad.

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