GoComics launches new comic: Bewley

They people over at GoComics.com have announced that they have a new comic offering, Bewley.

Bewley by ant blades has launched on GoComics. The strip focuses on the day-to-day lives of a family of blue birds. The hero, the husband and the father. The ever-optimistic Bewley is consistently undermined by the shenanigans of his over-protective wife and twins Bea and Tonus. Only Coco the egg lets him really express himself. The strip is as bright and enthusiastic as Bewley himself.

Bewley can be seen here.

11 thoughts on “GoComics launches new comic: Bewley

  1. I’m going to hijack this thread by noting that Marvel is attempting to get Spider-Man readers to pay the same price for a digital comic as they do for a printed one (with all the extra expense that consumes, but none of the ‘collectibility’ value). “Only US $4.99 per month with an Annual Subscription (billed as one payment of US $59.88).’ is what they say the cost is – and presumably that includes their other digital comic reprints.

    See WEEKLY WEBBING Goes Digital
    By Vaneta Rogers
    posted: 10 November 2009

  2. Congrats to ant blades! … is that his/her real name? That’s cool if it is.

    @ John

    It kinda looks to me like you just started it, if it does get started, so it would be hard for Ted to start it at this point. 🙂

  3. @ #2 Spam Troll, whoops, I mean, Mike Rhode

    Erm, first of all, you do realize that $5 is to access the entire digital library, not just “[one] digital comic”, right? The. WHOLE. Library. (Which is quite vast.)

    IMHO $5/mo. is a deal. Paying $3.99/issue for 22 pages of what’s usually filler designed to string you to the next filler is the real rip-off. The only real problem I have with the digital thing, is that I hate reading comic books on the computer screen.

    Second, the heck is wrong with you? What does that even remotely have to do with this thread? Did Newsarama pay you to to drive traffic from other sites? If so, at least have a real point. Instead of, “Oh, you see this physical item here? Yeah, for the same amount, you can get a whole PILE of digital versions. Which is, like, totally lame, right? Right?”


    @ #6 John Sanford

    Remember, a watched thread never boils.

    @ The Topic At Hand

    The art in this strip is adorable, I look forward to reading it.

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